Crown Reduction, Raising & Thinning

Crown reduction, raising and thinning by experts in Reading

Crown reduction

For beautifully shaped trees

Are the trees in your garden encroaching onto your neighbour’s property? Maybe they are overgrown and are blocking out the natural sunlight? Our team of experienced arboriculturists at Tree Maintenance Services can resolve this by crown reduction, raising and thinning, improving the look of your garden and the overall health of your tree's branches, thereby promoting re-growth. Visit our gallery to view some of our past projects. For free estimates, get in touch today.

Our services include:

Crown reduction
This is an area where the arborist’s skill and artistic flair comes into its own. This procedure is usually undertaken on trees that have out grown their position and the owner does not wish to remove the tree. 

Crown thinning
This procedure is used to prevent the sail effect on the canopy of the tree by removing branches within the canopy of the tree. It also allows more light penetration through the canopy. 

Crown raising
In this procedure, our team of arborists remove the lower branches of the tree canopy to allow unrestricted access under the tree either for vehicular or pedestrian access. This method is also employed to raise branches off of adjacent properties. 
Crown thinning
For expert crown reduction in Reading, Berkshire and surrounding counties, call Tree Maintenance Services on 
0118 375 7313
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